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Anchor Microschools

Microschools that focus on the
WHOLE well-being of your child!

Here at Anchor Microschools we Believe Each of Us are CREATORS!


How do we learn that? We Create!

At Anchor Microschools, we create personal goals to progress in our reading, writing, math skills in addition to other subjects. We will also create goals in areas of physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual health using the framework laid out in the Anchor Planning System.

Everyday, students will

  • create their day by first planning,
  • create a strategy to achieve their plan,
  • and manage their time and resources through the creative process.
By using a project-based approach to discover the creations around us, we will explore our own interests and passions and become creators ourselves.
Anchor Microschools currently operate Private Microschools in Maricopa, Arizona.

We serve students in 3rd-8th grade.

Tuition-base, ESA accepted
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