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Become Anchored: 90 Day Challenge

Do you want to become anchored to who God created you to be?

Are you feeling lost and without purpose?

Do you have a desire to be consistent but haven’t in the past?

Are you feeling the call from God to grow and change but don’t know how?

I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same struggles.

I joined exercise groups to find friends that had similar goals. I read all the self help books. I prayed. But I still felt lost and confused. Nothing seemed to fill the whole in my heart that was yearning for peace and purpose.

 It wasn't until I dived into using the Anchor Planner that I could consistently feel the guidance of the Holy Spirit leading me towards my purpose and who God created me to be.

The Become Anchored: 90 Day Challenge is designed to do just that!

You will become consistent in working on your goals!
You will find the support you need to help you navigate creating goals and consistently working on them.
You will find joy and purpose in taking action each day. 
You will feel connected towards the Holy Spirit and who God created you to be!
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In the 90 Day Challenge, we as WOMEN, are going to focus on 12 of God's Truths to help us discover just how to find our purpose and live our life aligned with who God created us to be! Wondering how we are going to do this?

First lets check out what others are saying about this challenge . . .

It’s a great way to get inspired and motivated on my goals. I also have a much better track recorded when I am accountable to others. 😆 - Laurie

The Anchored Membership has supported me in connecting to my goals in a way that I never have before. Natalie teaches lessons that have helped me to align my goals to the person I want to be with consistent daily actions. Being a busy mom in college, I need a quick and easy place that I can access and interact with like-minded people wherever I may be, and The Anchored Membership is just that! If I am stuck on what goal I am working on or what action steps to take, I can reach out and receive encouragement, feedback, and ideas to help me keep moving forward. Having a safe place to learn, lean into others, and realize my goals faster is well worth my time, money, and effort. Thank you, Natalie! - Crystal

Isn't it amazing?

These ladies who are in the exact same boat as you found motivation, connection, and consistency in creating goals that lead them to becoming who God created them to be!

So let's do the same for you! Are you ready to get started?

 Let's Go Over Everything You Receive with the 90 Day Challenge

12 Weekly Interactive Video Lessons

Each week, for 90 Days, you will receive a video lesson, where we learn one of God's eternal truths about goals and how to align ourselves to this eternal truth!

Accountability Partner

All lessons will be taking place on the new Marco Polo app, called Channels! It is a place where we as a group of women will discuss DAILY what we are learning and working towards! This challenge will be an intimate group of women learning together and supporting one another. I know as women it is extremely beneficial to have support from other women. So much so that I am gifting each of you a FREE Buddy Pass to invite a friend or family member to join you in this challenge! It will be incredible to not only discover your own purpose but to walk along with your friend as they discover theirs too!

*Details for the Buddy Pass are emailed after registration

Daily Support

Within the Channels app, we will be checking in daily with our goals and the actions we are going to take to make forward progress. This support will help you stay consistent and on track to becoming anchored to who God create you to be!  

50% Off your Anchor Planner 

The Anchor Planner is designed to guide you in aligning your goals to who God created you to be! It is an essential part of the 90 Day Challenge. You will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of your Anchor Planner.

*Details for this discount are emailed after registration


My Goal for this group is . .

  • to support women with creating, planning, and finishing their goals!
  • create a community of like-minded women having a blast developing who God created them to be!
  • guide you and your friends in developing skills that you will use throughout your life based on God's eternal truths of goal setting!
How is The 90 Day Challenge Different?

#1  NO Facebook Group. All the support takes place on Marco Polo's new app called Channels. It's just us in this amazing app sharing and learning together! 

#2 You will receive daily coaching videos from me to coach, train, and guide you and other friends in our group through the whole journey of goal setting and becoming anchored in who God created you to be!

#3 Community support from other women who are just like you! We are all here  seeking our purpose while navigating life as a woman, friend, sister, wife, and mother. Our experiences help us to lift and support one another!

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