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10 Goals the Whole Family Can Do Together

Family goals are exciting and difficult all at the same time. The emotions range from excitement to crying in a matter of minutes. However, one thing I have learned is they are important. With family goals, you are working as a family for one common goal. You are creating unity! 

As a mom of six, including teens and a toddler, I know it can be difficult to come up with goals that the whole family can do together. When we set family goals, we have a family meeting, throw out ideas, and decide on what we want to do as a family. This first step, the meeting, is the most important. Here is where you get the buy in from each of your kids; their commitment to participate in the family goal. Choose one goal, set a date for when you want to accomplish it and get to work. Lastly, make it fun! Your whole family will cherish this time together.

To help you get started, here are ten goals you can do as a family:

#1 Hike Together - pick 5 hikes you want to take as a family and plan the days you are going to go.

#2 Read 25 Books - decide on how many books each parent and child is going to read by a certain date.

#3 Baking Cook Off - choose a day to split into teams each cooking the same dish. Then laugh and eat together!

#4 Musical Talent Show - set a date for everyone to share their musical talents. You could even have everyone choose a new piece to learn for the talent show.

#5 Family Garden - choose which vegetables you want to plant, where you want to plant your garden, and list what everyone's responsibilities are. Enjoy a special meal with all the veggies from your garden!

#6 Organize the Garage - I know this one is my favorite but not always the rest of the family's. However, chat with the family about why it is important to have a cleanly home and discuss why organizing the garage will help with this cleanliness. Pick a date to organize, give everyone a job, then celebrate when it is done!

#7 30 Days of Family Scripture Study - choose a day when your family wants to start and celebrate when you finish!

#8 Bring Meals to Three Families in Need - cooking a meal together and delivering it to a family in need is special. Chat with the kids about how you are serving this family and how service helps your family to feel the Spirit.

#9 Learn a New Skill and share with each other at a family party - During your family meeting discuss what new skills everyone can learn. Set a date when you want to share and think of ideas how each person can share.

#10 Save for a Family Trip - You can decide where the family will go and how each family member will contribute to "saving" for the family trip. You could decide not to eat out as often and put that money into a family trip jar. The kids could each put together a plan to earn $100. There are many ways to save for a trip. Just imagine the fun you will have when you are there!

No matter what your family goal is remember to choose ONE, plan it out in your Anchor Planner, and have fun!

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