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Our Story

Being a mom of seven kids has led me down the personal development path of really honing in on who I want to become.  I listened to and read many books and podcasts all telling me that I needed to be writing down my affirmations daily. I didn’t even know what an affirmation was! After more research, I realized it was ultimately who God created me to be and who I wanted to become.  

I began writing these statements down in a spiral notebook and sometimes even recited them to myself when I was blow drying my hair! The thoughts of Rachel Hollis, Tony Robbins, Jon Acuff and many more leaders in the personal development world would echo in my mind. “Write your affirmations, write down who you are, who you want to become.”

I would write.

And I would write but it just didn't feel real.

I NEEDED more.

I searched and searched and searched for a system that would push me everyday towards what I wanted most, all while taking on the everyday tasks of homeschooling six kids!

I needed a calendar. I needed to schedule my time. I needed to spend a few quiet moments in the day in gratitude. I needed a system where everyday I could write down who I want to become while creating time for taking ACTION towards my dreams!

And most of all, I needed all of that to be in ONE space. One notebook, I could carry in my purse!

As I struggled trying to put all of these together, God distinctly told me, "You should create one! You love systems.  And I know you can do this."

So I did! The Anchor Planner was created! Created from one busy mom to another trying to become the being God intended us to be!