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5 Reasons to Focus on ONE Goal at a Time

We can look at our life and see many areas that we want to improve on.  For me, its being more patient with my children, choosing healthy food to fuel my body, being a loving and supporting wife, and running a thriving business that benefits others lives! This is just to name a few. 

If I were to try to accomplish all of these goals at once, I would start out great! The week before I start, I would gather a plan to how I am going to change my whole routine, behavior, and attitude.  Then I would crush Day 1!

Day 2 would come and I would do it all again but maybe it became a little harder.

By Day 5, maybe even Day 3, I would have thrown in the towel and given up on it all.

Here is why.

You are trying to accomplish to many changes at once.  We are not meant to become a whole new better person in just a few days.  How many days do you think it took to get you to the person you are now?

That’s more likely how many days it will take you to become the person you want to be. 

Then how do we change? How do we become better?

SIMPLE! Focus on one goal. One aspect of that goal at a time. 

Once you master that aspect, add to it. This WILL take time. But it will be so worth it in the end!

Why does this work?

  1. Priority

When we choose one goal to work on we put our priorities in order. We decide what we want to accomplish in our life RIGHT NOW. Deciding between areas of finances, health, family relationships. We do not have the mental energy to change our whole life all at the same time.  Choosing one goal, will allow you to decide which area you want to work on first to best improve your life! Through this decision to go after one goal you will gain a sense of purpose!

  1. Purpose

With purpose, we can better focus on what we want to accomplish in our day.  This purpose gives us drive to keep pushing! Most goals take years to accomplish. As we know our purpose, we can lean on that to get us through the slow, tough, and difficult times. Now that we have our priorities in order and our purpose to accomplishing our goal, we can also have clarity!

  1. Clarity

Focusing on one goal, gives us clarity! As we sit down to create a plan for the day, calendar our time, it is not divided by all the different tasks of our different goals. It becomes easy to create a plan of action!  How many times have we looked at our calendars and thought "I have no time. I am so busy." Clarity helps us avoid the distractions of "busy". We are no longer "busy". We are intentional! When we have clarity, know our purpose, and have our priorities set, we save time!

  1. Time

With laser focus, we are not trying to schedule all different kinds of tasks.  We don't lose precious time switching from one goal to the next by changing gears and attention. It is hard to mentally make this shift which costs us mental energy this in turn costs us time. Focusing on one goal will allow us to progress through the aspects of this goal more smoothly without wasting time!

  1. Motivation

As we spend more time on our single goal, we can see more forward progress! This leads us to have more motivation! Through forward progress in our single goal, we are more motivated to continue!  To me, the hardest part about pursuing a goal is staying motivated when I don't see any progress. This becomes especially prevalent when I have many goals going at once and feel like I don't even know which direction to go. However, when I am focused on ONE goal, I can focus my mental energy on figuring out how to progress in this one goal. Becoming more motivated to continue as I realize a plan for my single goal.

Going after a goal is hard work.  Don't make it more difficult by trying to work on all your goals at once.  You will find more clarity, a sense of purpose, be able to align your priorities, manage your time, and stay motivated by simply focusing on ONE GOAL at a time!

The Anchor Planner guides you through finding your ONE GOAL or what we like to call your Primary Anchor. Grab your Anchor Planner and let's go get those goals!

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