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5 Steps to Kick Start Your Day!

After having babies, I struggled to find my joy in the mornings.  Waking up with the kids was my natural instinct and this usually brought a lot of chaos especially as the kids started school. 

"Mommy, I'm hungry."

"Mommy, where's my red shirt?"

"Mommy, the baby is screaming in his crib!" 

Needless to say, my mornings were full of rushing around making sure everyone else was taken care of instead of me.

It was after lots of prayer, that I joined a mom's group were I was taught the importance of taking care of myself so I could take care of my kids!  This started with changing MY morning routine!

Over the years, I have refined my morning routine. Ultimately leading to

 5 Steps to Kick Start Your Day:

  1. Begin with Prayer, Meditation and Scripture Study
  2. Be Grateful
  3. Visualize Your Goals
  4. Schedule Your Day
  5. Exercise

I found that this morning routine would take me an hour.  If I wanted to exercise without my children climbing all over me, I needed to get up an hour earlier.  If I was fine with them working out right next to me, then I only needed to get up 30 mins before my kids!

Let's dive more into what this morning routine looks like: 

Step 1. Begin your day with prayer, meditation, and scripture study

15 mins of spiritual growth as our first step in the morning opens our minds for guidance through the Holy Spirit throughout our entire day! These peaceful moments every morning are where I can feel God's love for me and He guides me!

Step 2. Be Grateful 

Gratitude helps us become more aware of all of our blessings. 

Write 5 "I am grateful . . ." statements.  Make sure to be specific!  

"I am grateful for playing at the park yesterday with the kids and feeling the cool green grass on my barefeet."

"I am grateful for my three year old's snuggles!"

Write how you are grateful

Step 3. Visualize Your Goals

Creating and setting goals brings us great happiness!  Each morning visualize yourself completing these goals.  Create affirmation statements that help you visualize your goals that your repeat and write down each morning.

If you have a goal to strengthen your physical health, your affirmation statement could be

"I love playing games on the floor with my kids because my body is strong and flexible!"

If you have a goal to get out of debt, your affirmation statement could be

"I am out of debt!" That simple!

Writing and visualizing your goals helps you to achieve them faster.  This process also brings joy and excitement to your day as your are in the process of working on them!

Step 4. Schedule Your Day

After visualizing my goals, I schedule time each day to work on them!  This may only be 30 mins but I make it a priority in my schedule.  I then schedule the rest of my day so I can be in charge of my time instead of my time getting away from me and feeling frustrated that I didn't accomplish what I had intended to do.

Step 5. Exercise

I like to exercise from home because it is quick and effective!  It doesn't matter how you decide to exercise but 20-30 mins each day will increase your endorphins which increase your happiness and productivity!

Now each morning I get up an hour before the kids.

I can FEEL the difference in my mood and happiness. I can SEE the difference in my family and in my home! 

Grab your Anchor Planner and get started TODAY!

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