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Our Top 4 Books of All Time

I did not realize the importance of strengthening my mind DAILY until about four years ago. I knew that we needed to keep our bodies healthy and grow our spirits but I didn't put any importance on the value of growing my mind each day. At the time, I was a mother of six with a brand new baby. I was barely surviving as it was.

For some reason, unbeknownest to me, God thought I needed to become an online fitness coach. I was not in shape. I had about 40lbs to lose but I did have a friend that coached and said over and over again that you could coach while still on your fitness journey. This was definitely me.

I took a leap of faith that God had something better for me and decided to chat with my friend about becoming an online fitness coach. The requirements of coaching was to be proof of the product by using the products to show my transformation AND practice daily personal development. I thought this personal development requirement was weird but I was going to give it a try. I wanted results and I trusted God!

The growth I had in my mind was amazing. When I delved into personal development books and podcasts that focused on the areas I wanted to grow in, I learned to love the fire it put in my heart and that continued burning to grow and improve myself! 

I dove into listening to books while I made dinner and folded laundry. I listened to podcasts in the car. I had more personal development books lying around than I could count.

The funny thing is I was only required to spend 15 mins a day reading or listening but I couldn't put the books down!

I was reading and studying about things that I thought were important. I could FEEL the strength that this information was giving me. It was fueling my ideas and my mind would see new opportunities for growth and potential everywhere.

Over the past four years, I have read/listened to many books. Today I am going to share my top 4 favorites of all time.

The Alchemist describes a journey of a shepherd boy who is in search for his ultimate quest. It invokes deep thoughts and contemplation about the true purpose of life, as you follow young Santiago's ups and downs of his journey. It is riveting.

Shoe Dog, the memoir of Phil Knight is by far one of our favorite books for entrepreneurs. This story based writing gives a glimpse into exactly the struggles and successes of an entrepreneur; one who never gives up and will fight for what he believes will revolutionize the industry of his passion!

Hal Elrod's The Miracle Equation discusses the concept of creating a mission and putting your whole faith and effort into it which is exactly what the Anchor Planner is all about. Hal gives you real life examples of how visualization, planning, and executing are key to going after your dreams.

The Heavens are Open by Wendy W. Nelson shares how we can receive and act on revelation from God! She teaches exact ways to act in order to access this power more readily!

Now that I have shared mine, what are your favorite personal development books?

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