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We too can grow in Wisdom and Stature, and Favour with God and Man

Luke 2:52

I was chatting with a friend last week about how strengthening my mind, body, and spirit DAILY for the past two years has increased my joy immensely! 

She reminded me that the only scripture we have of what Christ's life was like  from his youth to adulthood is Luke 2:52, "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.".

This scripture never hit me so hard before. I don't think I really understood what it meant.  I thought that it simply meant that Jesus grew up and because he was perfect he already knew his plan and purpose and how to perform what God asked him to do. But it's not that simple.

We don't know exactly how Jesus spent his time but from Luke's account we know he grew "in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

How can we grow in wisdom?

Wisdom is knowledge, well applied.

I believe Christ spent some of his time gaining earthly knowledge.  As we learn how the world works, God's earthly laws, the creation and function of our body and much more; we can grow and understand God's path for us here on earth.

Jesus also grew in stature.

The time period that Luke covers in this scripture is through Jesus's youth until his ministry in his thirties.  I believe Jesus knew it was important for himself to not only take care of his spiritual self but to have a healthy body, eat healthy food, have a healthy heart through work.  Our version of how we build a healthy body is very different than in Jesus's time but the importance of taking care of our body is still important.  Without a body that has energy, Jesus and even us can not do God's work. 

Jesus also grew in favor with God.

This was a critical part of Jesus's life.  He knew the importance to become close to God through prayer, scripture study, keeping the commandments.  I love how Luke uses the word "increased".  Jesus's learning was gradual.  Line upon line! 

We can do that too!

Spending each day in the scriptures, listening to prophets speak, prayer, acting on the whispers of the Holy Ghost.  If we seek DAILY, to increase our spiritual knowledge, we will be deeply blessed. We will be guided and prepared for our true potential.  

Lastly Jesus grew in favor with man. He did not become of the world, but an example to the world of how we create relationships, find forgiveness, and serve. Because Jesus was perfect, I am sure these tendencies were already in him, but he needed to learn how to use them.

This simple verse gives us so much insight into how Jesus spent his days preparing for his mission. If Christ spent his time strengthening his knowledge, spirit and even body, shouldn't we do that too?

I know when I spend time each day studying my scriptures, listening to an uplifting podcast, and exercising, my spirit and body are energized. I love to begin my day with a simple morning routine that helps ME to grow in wisdom and stature! Realizing that Jesus did this too makes it so much more important for me. 

What do you learn from this verse and how can we as imperfect beings become more like Christ?



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  • Thank you Natalie for taking time to share your story…it really connected with me & the comments others shared…
    I can relate in loving to read Luke 2:52 & pondering what it meant. As our guiding Holy Spirit leads, He confirms when we are on the right track! Good job, you got it…He says… thx…I get it…Luke 2:52…do likewise ☺️💕

  • I loved it when you said that this scripture never hit me so hard before. I don’t think I really understood what it meant. My grandfather is 70 years old. He mentioned to me to buy him a bible because he wants to get familiar with God. I will this post for him to Seeking Knowledge In God.

    Jeff Carbine
  • Thank you I was doing a study on favour and I could not find a better explanation. I have read this verses so meany times
    I have been blessed thank you

  • I heard a preacher making reference to this bible passage and I really got interested in this. Attaining heights and achieving success is a gradual process. It is as well not only important to find favor with God alone but to as well find favor with men. Answers to our prayers are ready here on earth in the hands of a man or woman whom GOD will bring our way in the course of our journey here on earth.

  • What an eye illuminating message for me on growth, all my thoughts was Prayer for it but reading this, I saw that man has to work for it also. Bless you!


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