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Perfectionism Lie: "When it comes to goals, fun doesn't count."

In the Anchored Mom Book Club , we read the book, "Finish" by Jon Acuff.  He teaches how the lies of perfectionism can stop us from finishing our goals. Since I am a recovering perfectionist, this book really hit home with me. I loved his approach of shining light on the lies so we can discover the truth to get to the finish line! We are going to focus on five different lies perfectionists tell themselves over the next five weeks.

Today we are going to focus on,

Perfectionism Lie: "When it comes to goals, fun doesn't count."

Jon Acuff combats this lie with a

Truth: "Fun not only counts, but it's necessary if you want to beat perfectionism and get to the finish."

Here are 10 ways to have fun all along the goal process:

1. Make sure your goal is anchored to who you are working on becoming

2. Listen to music

3. Jon Acuff lights his favorite smelling candle while he works

4. Make it a race with the timer on your watch

5. Save your favorite task for after you finish your "not so favorite" tasks

6. Check in with a buddy! (We think the Anchored Family Membership is just the buddy you need!)

7. Treat yourself with your favorite treat

8. Start your work by sipping on your favorite drink or eating your favorite snack

9. Change scenery and work on your goal in a fun and exciting place, ie: the beach, forest, city park

10. Reward yourself with a new little something you have been dying to have when you hit a certain milestone along your goal path.

Goals are meant to stretch and challenge you. That does not mean they can't be fun. How are you going to make your journey to the finish an exciting road to travel?

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