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My #1 Mom Trick

My morning routine is my #1 mom trick. It is what GENERATES the most energy for me! After many years of trying different routines, this is the routine I am loving right now! I absolutely LOVE the morning. My mind is clear and I can feel the guidance of the spirit more easily.

The best way to start your morning routine doesn't start in the morning. It starts the night before. I generally go to be the night before at 10:30pm so I can feel rested for the morning. You can ruin your morning routine simply by not getting enough sleep.

My morning routine starts at 5:30am on school days and 6am or 7am on weekends.

I bring my Anchor Planner, scriptures, and book to my closet and sit myself on the floor. I begin with prayer and read my scriptures. I write my thoughts in my planner on the line where I "strengthened my spirit".

I, then, move into writing my "Best Moment of the Day" from the previous day in my planner and my gratitude for today. This is when I am guided by the spirit the most and feel His love! As I focus on my blessings, I am reminded of all that He has given me.

I recently added reading 10 minutes of a personal development book to my morning routine. I love this little added piece of morning boost! 

Then I sneak off to the kitchen to drink my Pre-Workout before I am going to exercise. (You have to drink it 15 mins before you workout.)

While I am waiting, I come back to my closet to write my anchors, primary anchor and three actions for the day towards my primary anchor which is the goal I am working on.

I move into scheduling my day and filling out my to-do list. This is all done in my Anchor Planner!

Now its workout time! I like to do workouts at home; 30 minutes and I'm done.

My morning routine is complete! Now I'm mentally ready and energize to help the kids get ready, have family scriptures, and get our day started.

The best part of a morning routine is it is flexible and you can create a routine that is best for you. I do know that as you focus on strengthening your mind, body, and spirit in the morning, you will generate massive energy to help you throughout your day!

What do you do in the morning to set yourself up for success?

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