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Perfectionism Lie: "Follow These Secret Rules and Perfect is Possible."


Perfectionism Lie: "Follow these secret rules and perfect is possible."

Or even worse, allow my secret rules to tell me I am not good enough.

In the book, Finish, by Jon Acuff, he smashes this lie by presenting this truth.

Truth: "For each secret rule you encounter, ask 'What does that mean?' Perfectionism persists unless we ask questions."

We each have secret rules that we put on ourselves that hold us back. You may also hear these called limiting beliefs.

I have several secret rules that I am continually fighting. 

'I am a nobody who doesn't have anything valuable to share.' and 'If I run a business, I am not a good mom.' Ughhh. It hurts me to even write these. It's crazy how we let these words of hate into our minds. We would never speak these words to our friends. Why do I speak them to myself?

This is perfectionism; these secret rules that we put on ourselves. It lies to us and keeps us bound by it's rules.

We are not this. I am not this.

It is through daily gratitude, prayer, scripture study, and focusing on who I am and who God created me to be that I fight these lies.  

As we take time to identify these secret rules by asking questions, we can  change these rules to statements that will serve us!

My secret rules have NOW been turned into empowering statements or anchors of who I am becoming. Now I say, 'I am exactly who God created me to be. I am enough!' and  'I am exactly the mother God created me to be. My children learn from my example of hardwork and dedication!'

What are your secret rules? Search them out and CHANGE them. You are greater than the rules you put on yourself. God created you and He knows your potential!

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