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Perfectionism Lie: "You can do it all."

Perfectionism Lie: "You can do it all."

Truth: You can "admit you don't have time to do everything and something will deliberately go by the wayside during this season of life."

We are human. We simply can not accomplish everything we want to do at once or in this season of our life.

In the book Finish, by Jon Acuff, he teaches about this concept of choosing what to bomb. We can "choose to bomb" something right now so we can accomplish the one goal that we really want to accomplish.

We must get crystal clear on the one goal we want to accomplish right now, in this season of our life. We then decide what to bomb, what to give up for a season, so we can accomplish that goal.

We can "choose to bomb" Netflix so we can take that walk that we have been telling ourselves we want to do every evening. We can "choose to bomb" social media so we can have more time to play games and read books with our kids. We can "choose to bomb" soda; switching it with sparkling flavored water.

I "choose to bomb" staying up late so I can add reading in a motivational book to my morning routine. I love the quiet of the mornings and I seem to always fall asleep when I try to read at night.

What you "choose to bomb" can look very different than what I "choose to bomb". As long as we are creating more time to work on our goals.

You may decide what you "choose to bomb" may be temporary or permanent that is up to you! The key is that you have freed up some time and made your goal a priority. With this extra intention, you are on your way to finishing your goal!

What are you going to "choose to bomb" so you can make traction on your goals?

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