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What is an Anchor?

Wondering what an anchor is, I will tell you!

Anchors are statements that describe

the person you want to become

your potential in the eyes of God, 

what you want to create,

and what you want your life to look like in the future.

They are statements that anchor your daily actions to the person you are aspiring to be!

How do you write an Anchor?

Looking at your ten year vision, ask yourself

What kind of person do I want to become?

Focus on all areas of your life: health, well-being, spirituality, family, relationships, business, financial, and lifestyle.  Your anchors will be written as if you have already accomplished them! Creating a positive affirmation in your ability to achieve this success.

When writing your anchors daily this triggers your feelings of excitement about who you are becoming, which in turn, triggers your actions!  You decide to ACT because these ideas of who you want to become are at the forefront of your mind! 

Some anchors may be lifelong pursuits such as:

‘I am healthy and feel energized!’

‘My home is a place of peace and cleanliness!’

‘I am a patient mom!’ or

'I am anxiety free because I know my purpose and am intentional with my time!’

Other anchors will take time but will ultimately be accomplished, such as:

‘I created a thriving business that allows me to travel the world!’

‘I am debt free with enough money in the bank to pay all of my bills for at least six months!’

‘I started a Mom’s lunch group to foster friendships in my community!’ 

When writing your anchors, be specific. What specifically will make your life amazing?

Focus on the words you use as you write your anchors. You should feel excitement, joy, exhilaration when you write them.  Remember these anchors are not intended for you to accomplish tomorrow. They are your vision of who you want to become in the next ten years! This is who you are aspiring to be!

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