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You are a CREATOR

God is a creator.

You are His child.

It is through your spiritual DNA that YOU ARE A CREATOR too!

You can create! You can create all that you imagine!

I used to think of myself as “not creative. I am a math brain. I have no artistic bone in my body.  All I can draw are stick-figures!” As I have gotten older and I would say wiser, I know that my creative abilities are different than others.  They are not based on what I can produce with paint or drawing. They are how I take my talents and use them to create a world that is better than it was yesterday. We each have been given special talents to use for our own creating! 

I can take a mess of a junk drawer and turn it into a neat organized command center! 

I can plan a month’s worth of healthy meals! 

I can create a schedule for my day each morning in my planner that includes exercise, working from home, and shuttling six kids to their activities! 

I can speak God’s truth in front of a large audience!

These are just a few of the ways that I use my talents to create!

God has given each of us different abilities and talents.  We just have to figure out what they are. If you are struggling with knowing what your talents are, ask God

Sit down with your Anchor Journal, begin to pray and write. I know He will tell you and show you if you simply ask. He wants you to create a joyous life that is fulfilling and full of service! He has given you special talents that only you have and therefore only you can CREATE with.

With this knowledge, you and God are the Co-Creators of your life! I couldn’t think of a better partner, our Father in heaven that is all knowing, collaborating with you along the way! Again if you are struggling to know what you should create, PRAY! He will tell you!

It is in finding your true gifts and using them that you find true joy! 

I actually love to organize my home. I find peace and order when the job is accomplished. I also use this talent of organization, to run my business from home and to manage a household of eight!

Our talents can be used in many different ways. And with these talents we are able to co-create with God, a joyous life we have dreamed of!

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