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3 Things to Consider When Writing Your Anchors


When writing your anchors, I have three things I want you to consider.

#1 God created you. He knows who you are. As you sit down to write your anchors, ask God what they should be. We do not have to go at this alone. God will guide and direct you through His spirit. He knows our talents and capabilities best. Sit with God in peace and write. He will guide you!

#2 Anchors can evolve. Just like you, your anchors can evolve as you write them everyday. We are not stagnant. We grow and learn. Our anchors grow and evolve too. When I began writing an anchor about my physical health I started with; "I am healthy and strong." But that didn't sit right with me as I wrote it for a few days. I wanted it to be more specific. I then began to write, "I fuel my body with healthy food for max energy!" I liked this anchor. I wrote it for many months. I felt excited and energized as I wrote it. However, I again realized I wanted it to be more specific. Now I write, "I love veggies!" This is something I know I need help with but I also know that I am working on. I want to become a person who LOVES veggies!

#3 Write ALL seven of your anchors DAILY. Even though you are not actively working on all your anchors right now, write all of them. As you write each of them everyday in your Anchor Planner, you will see how you can change your habits or behaviors to help you become closer to the person you want to be in all areas of your anchors. Just as when you are researching buying a new car and you now see that car everywhere you go, you will "see" opportunities that lead you in the direction of your anchors! You do not have to actively be setting goals for every anchor. You simply need to write them daily and the spirit will guide you as to how you can make simple changes to become closer to your divine potential!

As you write your anchors and seek the guidance of the spirit, you will become closer to the person God created you to be. That is pretty awesome!

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